Seltronix Security Services, CA possess various appliances and monitoring systems which will help to detect hazardous conditions like fire and flood. Similarly, all the burglar alarms installed by us are connected, to us through a wireless system. We are on our toe to assist you with any security related issues

Burglar Camera Systems


At Seltronix Security Systems, we don't just install burglar alarms. Our highly trained, well staffed customer monitoring center provides fast, necessary action, every time an alarm is triggered. While you sleep or any time you are away, we monitor your system 24 hours a day. Our highly trained professionals are there for you so that police or the fire department can take prompt, appropriate measures to assist.


Surveillance Systems


Our expert technicians serve to give you superior video quality surveillance, so you can keep an eye on things when you are away, even from your smart phone. We also take care of multiple access control panels, as well as intrusion alarm systems. Our expertise includes helping you with our 100% internet integrated systems, which lower your costs and make service more flexible, for all your security needs.


Home Alarm Systems


Tired of that old outdated control board? Seltronix offers IP-integrated security solutions with features such as wireless arming and disarming, straight from your smart phone. We offer several secure options to protect those who matter to you, the most. We provide a full automation suite to secure both your household and your office. With total control, you can view and manage your entire security system from your smart phone or computer, anywhere you choose.


Home Security Cameras California


Investing in a high-tech, user-friendly security camera system is always a great choice when securing your home and valuables. Seltronix professionals are there to help you choose the best-quality installation and maintenance plan for your home or office. We are especially outfitted to help in high crime areas. Whether you want to secure your household, your commercial property, development projects or a manufacturing site, our team of skilled experts is always ready to serve you there.


Gate Security System California


Seltronix Security Systems in San Bernardino's primary goals are also to provide excellent gate security with ongoing tech support. We also combine gate security with access control. Our employees are also trained to help our clients choose the best security products from several selections. Seltronix, has raised the bar in the home security industry, providing the most complete and affordable gate entry systems available, that meet all of California's rigorous safety standards.